Investor Karma and Ethical Investments and Trades

From Global Intel Hub — Professional investors due a huge amount of due diligence, they calculate margins and book value to equity ratios, year on year revenue growth and hundreds of other metrics.  That’s all great but we want to take a break and talk about Investor Karma.  Karma is a real thing.  And so is “Investment Karma” – or in other words, your money creates a positive effect in the economy.  It can be small, it can be personal – it can be a total loss!

In business, sometimes the only way to really win is to lose, or the only way to learn, is to fail.  Many entrepreneurs learned the hard way.

We’re not saying that you can chalk up all your losses to investor karma, or make ‘feel good’ investments, no not at all.  There’s charity for that.  Helping people creates positive karma for you.

If you skip the money part, money = energy.  Most startups have big backers, with lots of energy, but it’s not only the money.  They bring a buzz, an interest to a business model by promoting it.

Gab is a great example.  Gab is raising 5m @ 250m valuation, it’s a business – not so different than other ad platforms.  But they are doing something very positive for society, protecting free speech.  Not only that, Gab’s technology stack far outpaces many of their competitors with bigger pockets.

So by investing in Gab, you’re potentially making money on the equity valuation increase, as well as supporting a good cause.  That’s not charity, that’s ethical business which is a win-win for not only investors and Gab, but for all of society.

Of course, most investments are not like that.  Most sectors popular on Wall St. have a loser for every winner.  Take OTC markets like FX, it’s a dealer model where you are betting against the house, mostly the brokers win and the clients lose.  There are exceptions but the point is that most of capitalism is setup like that – as a total method of control.

Or to explain with a Cosmic Metaphor meme:


There are tons of ethical investments out there, typically local investments fit the bill, because you’re investing in a small business, maybe run by a family, without all the ‘extra moving parts’ – there’s no hidden agenda’s with ethical companies like Gab, no backdoors, no sharing of private information on the dark net.  There are probably tons of other examples out there.  We can tell you that the major social media companies, i.e. Meta (META) a.k.a. Fakebook are the opposite of ethical companies, they allow many bad things, too many too name, as part of a surveillance / mind control business.  Or in other words, it’s a mind control system that users are self-funding.

Find your Gab in your community, invest locally – think Globally!

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Here’s some examples of Censorship:

Here’s what Gab is doing:

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The Cosmos of Opportunity: Unveiling the Benefits of Space Investing – Unlimit your investing domain

Invest in sectors beyond Earth @


Space, once the realm of science fiction dreams, is rapidly becoming a new frontier for investment opportunities. As technological advancements propel us toward the stars, the commercialization of space has given rise to a myriad of possibilities for astute investors. From satellite constellations to lunar exploration, space investing offers not only a chance to support humanity’s exploration of the cosmos but also the potential for substantial financial gains. In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits of space investing and why it’s capturing the attention of investors worldwide.

**1. Astronomical Growth Potential

The space industry is experiencing a renaissance. Private companies are entering the arena with ambitious plans for satellite networks, space tourism, asteroid mining, and even establishing colonies on other planets. As these ventures gain momentum, the potential for exponential growth in the space sector becomes evident. Investors who get in early on these groundbreaking technologies could reap substantial rewards as these companies mature and generate revenue.

2. Diversification and Portfolio Enrichment

Adding space-related investments to a diversified portfolio can provide a unique layer of diversification. The space sector operates somewhat independently of traditional market trends, making it a potential hedge against economic downturns. By allocating a portion of investments to space, investors can reduce overall portfolio risk and enhance the potential for greater returns over the long term.

3. Technological Innovation

Investing in the space sector supports and stimulates technological innovation. Companies involved in space exploration are often at the forefront of technological advancement, driving developments that have far-reaching applications beyond space travel itself. The technology developed for space missions often finds its way into various industries, from healthcare and telecommunications to materials science and renewable energy.

4. Long-Term Investment Horizon

Space investments tend to be long-term plays. Many projects in the space industry require substantial time and resources before they start generating significant returns. However, patient investors who understand the long-term potential can position themselves to capitalize on the transformative changes the space industry will undoubtedly bring about in the coming decades.

5. Positive Socio-Economic Impact

Space investing isn’t just about financial gain; it’s also about supporting initiatives that have the potential to benefit humanity as a whole. Space technologies can improve disaster management, enhance global communications, provide valuable data for climate monitoring, and expand our understanding of the universe. Investing in companies working on these solutions allows investors to contribute to positive societal impacts.

6. Growing Demand for Satellite Services

Satellites have become an integral part of modern life, facilitating communication, navigation, weather forecasting, and more. As the demand for high-speed internet, global connectivity, and data transmission continues to rise, the need for satellite constellations is also increasing. Investing in satellite companies positioned to capitalize on this demand can lead to substantial returns as these services become more essential.


Space investing is not just for space enthusiasts; it’s a realm of opportunity that combines financial potential with technological innovation and positive impact on the world. The space sector is evolving rapidly, with private companies and governments collaborating to push the boundaries of exploration and commercialization. Investors who recognize the multifaceted benefits of space investing are well-positioned to participate in this exciting and transformative journey, where the sky is not the limit, but only the beginning.