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We have been re-coding our platform and we are happy to announce the Venture Capital Cross investor portal is open in Beta mode – that means we are still testing and rolling out the new system, but users can open accounts.

In case you run into any snags we’ve setup to help troubleshoot any issues.

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Deal Flow First Look – Get First Look on Deal Flow in real time

Venture Capital Cross — 12/5/2023 — We are revamping our deal portal and optimizing our systems, and we have launched our first Deal Flow First Look list, where we will share bids and offers with our network of accredited counterparties.  We also will share company relevant news, for example if a company has announced a round that the market has been waiting for, and the occasional analysis report from major financial publications.  With the Open AI debacle, VCC has been exploring investment opportunities in Dataminr, Jasper AI (ECP Only), Cerebras, Automation Anywhere, and other established AI companies.

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Open AI Alternatives – Dataminr, Cerebras, Jasper, Cohere, Scale AI

Venture Capital Cross  — 11/24/2023  With the implosion of Open AI last week, investors are scrambling for alternatives.  Some funds have held back on Open AI capital contributions for secondary market transactions, according to sources.  Some have speculated that the collapse was more than an internal power struggle, that the technology was the issue.  Whatever is the case, there are hundreds of companies working on AI, Open AI is not the only one nor are they any kind of Monopoly.

Venture Capital broker-dealer Venture Capital Cross announces investment opportunities in hot AI names like Cohere, Jasper, Cerebras, Scale AI, Dataminr, and others.  In partnership with DT Unicorn Fund, Dataminr is available for accredited investors in sizes starting at $100,000 with a 0/20 SPV single layer structure.

Dataminr is an artificial intelligence company that provides AI based intelligence, alerts, and informational signals to it’s clients. The company’s private sector product, Dataminr Pulse, is used by corporations to monitor real-time events, and to aid with crisis response by providing playbooks, messaging tools and post-event documentation. Dataminr’s First Alert technology is used by first responders, such as those helping to provide aid during natural disasters and other emergency events. On the morning of January 5, 2021, Dataminr allegedly warned Capitol security officials of troubling online public chatter that would soon become the January 6 riot.

That’s definitely valuable, to some clients for sure.  Open AI’s revenue model is as yet unverified / unknown.  It may be groundbreaking, or it may be another FTX, we just don’t know.  Meanwhile, companies like Jasper AI have had their valuations cut back due to revenue decline, but they still have more revenues than Open AI and much higher revenue / valuation ratios.  So the question remains, do investors want to pickup companies like Jasper AI at discounts, or wait for the market to return and buy the high?  Until recently, it has been impossible to get AI companies at a discount to the last round.

Is this a time to buy in to the AI sector?  Some GPs think so.  VC Investment firms like Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, and SOMA Capital can’t get enough, according to Pitchbook.  But they have lots of capital, their economies of scale don’t necessarily apply to all investors.  Of course, there’s another way to play the AI sector – simply by Microsoft (MSFT).  Of course that’s a safer play, but you’re not going to get triple digit returns because for MSFT to double it takes a lot of news and revenue to move the needle at such a big Mega Cap.

There’s one drawback to many of these companies, however, they don’t transfer.  That means Jasper AI is forward only, and you need to be an ECP (Eligible Contract Participant) in order to buy OR sell a forward because they are derivative contracts not traded on an exchange.  The regulators look at them like swaps.

Cerebras Systems develops computing chips with the sole purpose of accelerating AI. The company is a startup backed by premier venture capitalists and the industry’s most successful technologists. (Crunchbase)

Cohere is a platform that gives developers and businesses access to NLP, powered by the innovative generation of large language models. Cohere is used to build machines that understand the world and make it safely accessible to all.  Cohere provides access to affordable, easy-to-deploy large language models. Its platform gives computers the ability to read and write. Whether to better understand what customers are saying or to write compelling copy that speaks to a target audience, Cohere can help. (Crunchbase)

Scale accelerates the development of AI applications by helping machine learning teams generate ground truth data. The company’s LiDAR, video, and image annotation APIs allow self-driving, drone, and robotics teams at companies like Lyft, OpenAI, Zoox, Pinterest, and Airbnb focus on building differentiated models vs. labeling data. (Crunchbase)

There are hundreds of other AI companies out there, and there’s space for many more.  Contrary to popular belief, AI isn’t destroying jobs, it’s creating them.  It’s also making workers more effective, so companies can pay them more.  It’s disproportionate, of course, if your job is a copy and paste type of job, AI may replace you, but it just means you should upgrade your skills and work in another department.  AI is not always automation, in most cases it’s not.  That means there will always be people who need to setup, run, control, organize, administer, support, sell, develop, train, brainstorm, deploy, the AI bots.  So don’t worry, this isn’t going to break the economy, it’s going to support it, and in parallel we’ll likely see a new disruptive paradigm of technology emerge…

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Let your startup fly – Invest in Paradigm Shift

Do you want to invest in the next big thing?  Venture Capital Cross offers investment opportunities in private markets, from seed to Unicorn.  We work on deals where there is a compelling argument for paradigm shift, whether that means disruptive technology, or something else.  In the case of – they represent the only real catalyst for Free Speech which isn’t controlled by the Big Monopolies. is a Free Speech platform that is about to close down a successful Reg CF offering, minimum $330/usd (For non-accredited investors).  See more @

Jump ahead of the crowd, ascend into your light-body.

Last Call for Gab Investment

11/1/2023 – 11:11 AM — Knoxville, TN —  [Venture Capital Cross] is a Free Speech platform but it’s so much more.   Gab’s Reg CF offering is coming to a close, and we wanted to give people a last chance to invest in this valuation.  Gab’s offering is an equity offering, so this is an opportunity to get equity in a company at the growth stage, as well as supporting Free Speech.   Get your FREE BOOK by investing until the close – Investors Guide to LEGAL Insider Trading.

To learn more or to invest in Gab, visit


Free Book Offer – Open an account before Nov 15th 2023 – Investors Guide to Investing in Private Markets

For new accounts opened until November 15th – Get a free copy of Investors Guide to LEGAL Insider Trading – a crash course on investing and trading.

Step 1 – Open an account at Venture Capital Cross

Step 2 – Open an account with – Free Speech Alternative Social Media

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Step 4 – Email us evidence that you have opened an account, and your mailing address, and we’ll media mail a copy out to you!  No strings attached!

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You do not need to invest in order to get the book.  While supplies last.

Early stage CF and Reg D are long term investments for any portfolio

Investing is a form of long term savings against inflation.  There’s risk, but also potential reward.

Crowdfunding in campaigns like Gab is a great way to invest in a good cause (Free Speech) while saving for the future.  Gab is raising at a 250m valuation, as Gab’s user base grows so will the valuation.


Don’t want to invest?  Join the conversation @ Gab, checkout our investing in Private Equity group here.

Investor Karma and Ethical Investments and Trades

From Global Intel Hub — Professional investors due a huge amount of due diligence, they calculate margins and book value to equity ratios, year on year revenue growth and hundreds of other metrics.  That’s all great but we want to take a break and talk about Investor Karma.  Karma is a real thing.  And so is “Investment Karma” – or in other words, your money creates a positive effect in the economy.  It can be small, it can be personal – it can be a total loss!

In business, sometimes the only way to really win is to lose, or the only way to learn, is to fail.  Many entrepreneurs learned the hard way.

We’re not saying that you can chalk up all your losses to investor karma, or make ‘feel good’ investments, no not at all.  There’s charity for that.  Helping people creates positive karma for you.

If you skip the money part, money = energy.  Most startups have big backers, with lots of energy, but it’s not only the money.  They bring a buzz, an interest to a business model by promoting it.

Gab is a great example.  Gab is raising 5m @ 250m valuation, it’s a business – not so different than other ad platforms.  But they are doing something very positive for society, protecting free speech.  Not only that, Gab’s technology stack far outpaces many of their competitors with bigger pockets.

So by investing in Gab, you’re potentially making money on the equity valuation increase, as well as supporting a good cause.  That’s not charity, that’s ethical business which is a win-win for not only investors and Gab, but for all of society.

Of course, most investments are not like that.  Most sectors popular on Wall St. have a loser for every winner.  Take OTC markets like FX, it’s a dealer model where you are betting against the house, mostly the brokers win and the clients lose.  There are exceptions but the point is that most of capitalism is setup like that – as a total method of control.

Or to explain with a Cosmic Metaphor meme:


There are tons of ethical investments out there, typically local investments fit the bill, because you’re investing in a small business, maybe run by a family, without all the ‘extra moving parts’ – there’s no hidden agenda’s with ethical companies like Gab, no backdoors, no sharing of private information on the dark net.  There are probably tons of other examples out there.  We can tell you that the major social media companies, i.e. Meta (META) a.k.a. Fakebook are the opposite of ethical companies, they allow many bad things, too many too name, as part of a surveillance / mind control business.  Or in other words, it’s a mind control system that users are self-funding.

Find your Gab in your community, invest locally – think Globally!

Checkout Venture Capital Cross for Gab and other Ethical Investments with Good Karma