VC Cross Portal open for Beta

We have been re-coding our platform and we are happy to announce the Venture Capital Cross investor portal is open in Beta mode – that means we are still testing and rolling out the new system, but users can open accounts.

In case you run into any snags we’ve setup to help troubleshoot any issues.

Visit the portal @

Deal Flow First Look – Get First Look on Deal Flow in real time

Venture Capital Cross — 12/5/2023 — We are revamping our deal portal and optimizing our systems, and we have launched our first Deal Flow First Look list, where we will share bids and offers with our network of accredited counterparties.  We also will share company relevant news, for example if a company has announced a round that the market has been waiting for, and the occasional analysis report from major financial publications.  With the Open AI debacle, VCC has been exploring investment opportunities in Dataminr, Jasper AI (ECP Only), Cerebras, Automation Anywhere, and other established AI companies.

Sign up for our Deal Flow First Look list Typically 1 email a week, or 1 per month, or 5 per week, depending on market activity.  Cancel/Unsubscribe at any time.   Get deals before they hit the order book.

Let your startup fly – Invest in Paradigm Shift

Do you want to invest in the next big thing?  Venture Capital Cross offers investment opportunities in private markets, from seed to Unicorn.  We work on deals where there is a compelling argument for paradigm shift, whether that means disruptive technology, or something else.  In the case of – they represent the only real catalyst for Free Speech which isn’t controlled by the Big Monopolies. is a Free Speech platform that is about to close down a successful Reg CF offering, minimum $330/usd (For non-accredited investors).  See more @

Jump ahead of the crowd, ascend into your light-body.

Free Book Offer – Open an account before Nov 15th 2023 – Investors Guide to Investing in Private Markets

For new accounts opened until November 15th – Get a free copy of Investors Guide to LEGAL Insider Trading – a crash course on investing and trading.

Step 1 – Open an account at Venture Capital Cross

Step 2 – Open an account with – Free Speech Alternative Social Media

Step 3 – Look at Gab’s offering on Venture Capital Cross

Step 4 – Email us evidence that you have opened an account, and your mailing address, and we’ll media mail a copy out to you!  No strings attached!

Step 5 – Write an honest review of the book on

You do not need to invest in order to get the book.  While supplies last.

Invest in Private Markets

Startups generate a huge amount of new job growth.  Companies like Microsoft, Google, Uber, and Nike were all startups at some point.

Investing in Private Markets is no longer for accredited investors (although, many opportunities such as Reg D private placements or Unicorn Secondaries are reserved for accredited investors only).

Venture Capital Cross is running a Crowdfunding campaign for @

If you are a small business looking to raise capital, Crowdfunding is a great way to raise capital while also gaining exposure for your brand.