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Articles on Crowdfunding / Gab 

Articles on Censorship

Here’s some examples of Censorship:

There’s a war on Free Speech

Here’s what Gab is doing:


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Gab Flyer 1 – Includes description of what is – this one is preferred

Print Flyers 1 Gab – This has a nice graphic, better for places where reading is not possible up close

Flyer FAQs –

Q: Are posting flyers legal?

A: In many places, yes.  Stick to the legal places.  Restaurants, churches, grocery stores, city parks, and many other places have bulletin boards where you can put flyers for anything.  See this example from Moes in Knoxville, TN:

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Invest in Free Speech –

Gab is a Free Speech platform, offering shares via Reg CF on the Venture Capital Cross Platform.

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